Affordable Chiropractic and Wellness Care on your terms!

At Embrace Chiropractic our aim is to provide you with the knowledge and ability to guide you in improving your spine/muscle health issues that are affecting your overall health. We recognize the maintenance of health is far superior to the treatment of disease.

Doctor literally means “to teach” you how to take an active interest in your own health, so you don’t need to rely on the medical establishment. It’s why at Embrace Chiropractic we try to fix not just what ails you (symptoms: pain, tightness, headaches, weight gain, inflammation, tiredness), but identify the root cause of your spine/muscle problems and your overall health issues.

At Embrace Chiropractic we instruct you on how to participate in creating your own vibrant pain free life and help you get off the medications.

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We prefer you learn to rely on yourself to be healthy, rather then looking for that quick fix or magic pill…sorry it doesn’t exist, it never has, except in the marketing world of social media advertising.

At Embrace Chiropractic, we are happy to help you get there on your terms!

  • No Contracts or initiation fees
  • No prepaid plans
  • No excessive appointment regimens
  • No sales pitch
  • Affordable Chiropractic on your terms