Dr. Erin Long

Chiropractic Physician

Throughout life, I have had a passion to serve others and make an impact in the lives around me. I served as a Christian Missionary and traveled the continents of Africa, South America, Europe, and Asia.

I personally found myself with paralyzing low back pain after slipping down a set of stairs. This loss of function and pain led me to Chiropractic, which changed my life forever. Not only did the pain resolve, but I found myself also having overall improved health and no more ear infections. My son, who was suffering from chronic ear infections and breathing issues, was on an elixir of breathing treatments and antibiotics. After a short time under chiropractic care, my son was able to get off all his medications and no longer needed breathing treatments.

After experiencing the power of the chiropractic adjustment in our lives, I took a leap of faith and uprooted my family from Michigan to Georgia, where I attended and graduated from the prestigious Life University with my Doctorate in Chiropractic.

I have practiced for several years on Florida’s Gulf Coast, with experts in the field and have helped countless patients with a wide variety of conditions from families for wellness care, sciatic pain, people needing corrective care, treating accident Injuries, and much more.

My mission is to impact the health and wellness of your family and friends. With a steadfast approach to conservative health care, while improving and maintaining health in our region, my family and I are thrilled for the opportunity to meet and serve the members of our community.