Damaged car?

Then almost with certainty you have a damaged spine! Although for some the symptoms may seem minor at first (stiffness and soreness), a more serious long-term injury may be forming that may have a drastic impact on your quality of life in future years. If you treat an auto injury immediately you are putting yourself in a position to heal and recover quickly. That is why its’ a good idea to visit Embrace Chiropractic.

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Credentials Matter

At Embrace Chiropractic we understand the injuries that most commonly occur during car accidents. While there are many chiropractors out there, you should select one who focuses on car accident injuries to address your unique needs.

Not only will you receive first-class chiropractic and rehabilitation care, but we will help to protect your rights to compensation post-auto accident by ensuring the proper paperwork and timelines are adhered to.

Dr. Erin Long at Embrace Chiropractic knows what to look for when assessing and diagnosing car accident injuries. She is dedicated to becoming the “best of the best” through continuous post-doctoral education.

We accept all Insurances concerning automobile accidents.

We accept almost all insurances for non-automobile accidents, depending on your insurance carrier co-pays may apply.

To find out more about your insurance coverage, call (772) 466-5600, and Cristina will gladly assist you in determining what your insurance covers and the cost to you.

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